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How to be more zero: Neuto Knowledge Guide

Neuto Knowledge Guide is aimed at the general user. It can be used as a quick study for the subject, or for those with admin access to the back end of a website it offers practical advice on how to cut down your carbon emissions.


Web carbon is complex. We want to create confidence in the small changes that make a difference.

We designed the Neuto website you're reading now with everything we've learnt about web carbon incorporated into its appearance and code. It's a 'light' site that uses images and video sparingly, and the fonts are also chosen carefully with emissions in mind. Since we keep learning, we will keep changing the site accordingly over time.

Our Knowledge Guide is a simple way for us to share the key points worth thinking about.

Our detailed documentation guide for developers is open-source. We will be adding new features throughout the year and growing the community with a conversation around web carbon. If you'd like to discuss a partnership or other opportunities for collaboration, we'd love to hear from you.