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The Neuto Knowledge Guide is the place to find all the information you might need to lower your website’s carbon emissions and get started with Neuto’s toolkit.

We see this guide as the beginning of a conversation about digital carbon emissions. We actively invite you to contribute and reap the benefits of open collaboration. As such, all of the Neuto Knowledge Guide is open source and we encourage everyone to join us in creating informative and accessible content.

You don’t have to be an IT expert to lower your carbon emissions online: everyone can make a difference. In our Knowledge guide you’ll find:

  • Information about how online activity generates carbon emissions and what you can do to improve your own and your website’s emissions.
  • Clarity for website designers, developers and maintainers about setting up and sticking to ‘best practices’ online.
  • Detailed guides for using and getting the most out of Neuto’s toolkit.


If you’re an organisation or a keen individual, we’re always looking for partners to share knowledge and conversations with. Get in touch via our contact form and we’ll arrange a meet-up.

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